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LookeeTV – Yay or Nay? [UPDATED]

This year was great for new tech gadgets at CES 2011 held in Las Vegas.  Many new ideas were put to use and hopefully in 2011, a few of them will make it to market.  A company Best Supplier, based out of Burnaby BC, has introduced a rather unique product(s) and will be on the market in 2011. The company …

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Sony Ericsson’s Xperia in public yet again

Companies are finding it hard to keep new products and concepts from being exposed prior to launch.  With the iPhone 4 being perhaps the biggest leak yet, there have been many others.  The sony “playstation phone”, otherwise known as the Ericsson Xperia Play has been the headline of many blog posts and youtube videos, and this newest video shows a …

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Apple’s Steve Jobs takes Medical Leave

Reuters is reporting Apple’s Steve Jobs has requested a medical leave and it has been approved by the board. Chief Operating Officer Tom Cook will be responsible for day to day operations in the interim.  Jobs will continue as CEO and still be involved with any major strategic decisions. Jobs did not say  how long his leave would be, but did …

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Blueant to release Stereo Headphones in Q2 2011


  When you hear the name Blueant, one may think of bluetooth products, but at CES 2011, Blueant has announced a Stereo Headphone to be released in Q2, 2011. Pricing is yet to be available for the headphones, but we are hearing great things so far and they will be competitively priced. The headphones feature a microphone, as well as …

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Tek Tok Canada reaches 400,000 hits


Just a quick thank you to all the current tech enthusiasts for visiting our site. Since launching in July, 2010 we have reached 420,000 hits, with 68,000 in January 2011 alone. We are hoping to bring you some exclusives this year and hope to see everyone stick around for more!

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Rogers Wireless is offering unlimited plans for a limited time


Rogers has quietly been promoting an unlimited plan for valued customers. If you are under good terms and qualify, you may have finally found the perfect cell plan. Heres the specs: $35 per Month – Unlimited Local Calling. (no more need for evenings/weekends or My5, My10, or even My20) $50 per Month – Unlimited North American Calling & Texting Yes, …

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Earthdesk puts the entire world on your desktop!


Earthdesk by Xeric Design brings Earthdesk 5 for Windows and Mac both.  EarthDesk displays real-time global cloud cover, allowing users to track hurricanes and typhoons, or simply to admire Earth on your desktop. The application spans across multiple monitors allowing for a spectacular view or planet. Stay tuned for a full review, and if you would like a free trial, click here …

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iPad 2 is coming.

iPad 2

Great news for all you iPad fans, and soon to be iPad fans. Apple is expected to release a sequel to the award winning iPad tablet, and we are hearing the launch date is in April, possibly April 2 or April 9 weekend.  The tablet will first launch in the USA only, followed by an international launch 3 months later.  …

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Xbox Live Gold Membership on Sale for $39.99

Rumor has it that Walmart, Futureshop,  and Best Buy will be offering a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription for $39.99. Prices are in effect from January 14 until January 20. For the same price, you can also pick up a wireless controller, or a wireless microphone as well. Happy Shopping! UPDATE: is showing $44.99, gamestop is $49.99, and no price …

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Target coming to Canada after purchasing Zellers


Target is planning to open up to 150 stores in Canada after recently purchasing Zellers. The stores should be open in 2013 and 2014.  A typical Target store employs 150 to 200 people, so this will create many jobs for Canadians.  Look forward to many other companies taking an interest in Canada and our strong economy.

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Sprint has something up its sleeve for Feb 7


  Sprint has emailed invitations to members of the Press, inviting them to a media event next month.  Sprint will be announcing an industry first, and David Blaine will also be on hand for this special event, taking place in New York City.  Hopefully David Blaine can make some numbers disappear off the bill for data charges!

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Verizon confirms iPhone 4 availability for Feb 10.

Verizon customers in the USA are rejoicing after Verizon officially announces the iPhone 4.  Availability is February 10, preorder on February 3.  Price:  $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB — mobile hotspot included! Up to 5 devices. Phone is also available in White! Happy day for Verizon users! Stay tuned for more information.

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Verizon Press Conference LiveBlog

TekTok is not at the event but will be keeping you up to date as it happens. We feel for all Verizon users not able to use the iPhone as Canada went through the same thing, until Rogers came to our rescue. [snaplet id=”1758″ width=”450″ height=”550]

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Verizon set to annouce a new “product” at 11AM EST


Verizon has scheduled a press conference that will take place this morning at 11 AM EST, in New York. Rumor has it Verizon is expected to annouce the availablity of the iPhone 4 after many years of waiting.  AT&T is expected to lose many clients as a result, as many US customers are not happy with the performance on the …

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