No Love for Canadians as McDonald’s Brings Back the McRib

Earlier today McDonald’s announced they are bringing the McRib back nationwide on December 2 for the first time since 2012. The limited time only Rib sandwich is brought back every year but is notoriously hard to find.

Shortly after the announcement, McDonald’s Canada released the following statement to 680News:

We are not bringing back the McRib in Canada at this time. Though we are always inspired by other McDonald’s markets around the world and are always looking for new flavours and menu items for our Canadian guests to enjoy.

An online petition was created by Mason Carr on over a year ago and it looks like its picking up traction as it has 550 signatures and a goal of 1000.

It seems the McDonalds social media team has been busy all afternoon responding to upset Canadians.

If I could make a small request since it appears there is no chance of getting the McRib back in Canada…how about some McPizza?

Source: Citynews

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