Kevin James Edits Himself Into Movies and it is Epic

You may know Kevin James from King of Queens, Hitch, Grown Ups, or Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but where you may not remember Kevin James is from hit movies such as A Star Is Born sharing the stage with Lady Gaga, The Notebook, I am Legend or even Braveheart.

According to his Youtube channel he has scenes in all of those titles that you may not remember. How did we not notice the sound guy scene from Shallow?

After watching I am sure you will start to remember but we definitely forgot here. Check his Youtube channel for more great clips that look amazingly edited.

Kevin has also released a short filmed titled Out of Touch adding a bit of comedy to the current times, not to be taken seriously.

And most recently I Miss Basebell:

Keep them coming Kevin. The internet needs more of this right about now. Kevin James can’t take all the credit though as these epic clips look to be edited by the Kinnane Brothers, the creators of @Screenplayed.

Source: Youtube via Whiskeyriff

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