Apple store is down. Apple to refresh iMac lineup today?

Posted by Jamie Forestell

Apple Store

At the present time, Apple has again followed suit and shut down the online store. What should we expect to see?  In June 2010,  Apple updated the lineup of iMac which brougt the Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, which were much needed.

Today Apple is expected to be updating several components of the iMac.

  • Quad  Core Intel Sandy Bridge Processors
  • Thunderbolt I/O Port
  • Updated AMD Radeon HD chips
  • Remote Wipe

One thing Intel stressed during CES 2011, was the ability for the Sandy Bridge processor to provide Digital Rights Managment (DRM).  The protection promised to be so good that Time Warner will be allowing their full library of titles for digital streaming this year on the basis the DRM protection provided by the new Intel chips would secure their content. This is big news and should come into play with the upcoming iCloud.

Stay tuned for more information and pricing/availability.

UPDATE:  The Apple Store is now back online and information is below.


The all new iMac is  here and they look great.  As expected the new quad core processors offer 1.7X performance increase. The all new AMD Radeon HD graphics promise to offer 3X Faster graphics, and thunderbolt is included with 2 ports available for a combined maximum of 12 peripherals.  The camera has been upgraded to a “Facetime HD Camera” for high definition video chat capability. 


Another feature is an SDXC slot which allows SD and SDHC cards to plug direct into the iMac for easy photo uploading.  (Sorry folks, no Compact Flash slot)

Pricing starts at $1199 and in stock availability is NOW. Go get yours and let us know what you think.

Source:  Apple

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  1. I like the SD card update and of course the upgraded quad core processor but I’m still waiting for the day the mac pro drops in price 😉

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