Jamie Forestell

Jamie Forestell is the Editor-in-chief and also the founder of Tek Tok Canada. His knowledge and aptitude for Technology led him to create a central website for all Canadians. His strong passion for the Technology world helps him stay abreast of leading-edge technologies and his desire to spread this information was the driving factor behind the creation of Tek Tok Canada.

Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac Updated

Microsoft has released a new version of its sync software for Apple computers.  The connector allows for purchased media to by synced from the Mac using iTunes to the Windows Phone.  The update also includes manual file imports from the device,  deleting files on the device,  a file preview.  launches.  This is exciting news …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab – Hands On

  I was able to get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and I have been worried for this day to come.  Reading all the specifications, and seeing reviews, I had reason to fear that finally, there was a tablet to compete with the iPad. Some may say that I am …

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Deals of the Day

Ok so it’s getting closer to the big day, and you still haven’t got that perfect gift yet. TekTok has found a few great deals and thought of sharing them along. Some of these deals expire today, so Shop NOW!! (TekTok is not an affiliate with any of the vendors …

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Xtreamer.net Releases the iXtreamer

Up until last week, I have been using my xtreamer and it has been a wonderful experience. The only reason I stopped using it, was to evaluate the Boxee Box.  Xtreamer looks to have done it again, and have released the iXtreamer. The iXtreamer promises to enable you to stream …

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iHome iB24 Earphones – [REVIEW]

I was more then happy with the iB969 charging station,  I have been loving my iA5 app enhanced Alarm clock, what more could iHome come up with? The iA100! Yes. That too, however I am still waiting for my review unit as they are very tight.  I was able to …

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Etre Touchy – [Review]

Etre Touchy

With winter fast approaching,  I was on the look out for ways to be able to use my iPhone this winter. I came across a few websites that offer solutions, and one of them responded. Etre, based out of the UK, came up with a great idea and we will …

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