Etre Touchy – [Review]

Etre Touchy

With winter fast approaching,  I was on the look out for ways to be able to use my iPhone this winter. I came across a few websites that offer solutions, and one of them responded. Etre, based out of the UK, came up with a great idea and we will find out if these gloves will solve our winter dilemma.

The Etre Touchy is a very comfortable and warm glove.  They are just the right size and allow for full control of your gadget of choice.  The material is 100% New Wool and made in the UK. I was very impressed with the build quality of these gloves.

Etre Touchy

Now for the true test, or almost true test as we do not have any snow yet.  Will I be able to keep my hands warm and still use my iPhone this winter?

Etre Touchy

The gloves kept my hands very warm and were very comfortable. I was fully able to navigate my phone and encountered no problems using the device. These worked exactly as promised. However, by the end of my commute, my fingers were quite cold. So I can not reccomend these for anyone who is planning an extra long adventure in the extreme weather we get in Canada, but for small trips they would do just great.

Etre Touchy

Things I liked:

  • Very comfortable
  • Extremely well built and high quality
  • Able to have full use of smartphone in the colder weather.
  • Cross Platform Support. These gloves will work with your iPhones, iPads, Android devices, other smartphones, and even Blackberry devices! (we cannot confirm these will work on the new Blackberry Playbook…yes this is a dig)

Things I disliked:

  • Fingers will get cold after too long of being exposed.

These are gloves that I plan on using daily this winter and I will be glad to report at the end of my winter, any new thoughts I do have.  And a big Thanks to Etre for supplying the review pair! And all images were taken with the opposite hand, using an iPhone 4, with the other Etre Touchy glove on!

Etre Touchy

If you want your pair, get them now while they are on sale and in demand! Etre Online Store.

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