Giving the iPad as a gift for Christmas? Hold that thought!

iPad 2 Case

For those rushing out to buy your loved ones the popular iPad tablet, you may wish to hold off until February.  Apple will be releasing next version of the iPad and it looks to be a LOT better!

Here are the main differences by speculation of course. We all know Apple holds this information under heavy safeguard.  

  • iPad 2 to have front/rear facing camera. (Facetime enabled device)
  • Double the memory (RAM) – Needed for the HD Video Playback and Gaming
  • Thinner – Rumored to be even thinner then the original iPad
  • Faster – CPU will be faster
  • SD SLOT? – From an image posted on Alibaba website, it appears a Chinese manufacturer has iPad 2 cases ready and there is a myserious looking cut-out on the bottom right corner. SD SLOT? USB SLOT? New speaker?

So for those with iPad’s currently, it is time to start selling them to get the best value. When the iPad 2 launch date is announced, expect the prices to remain the same as they are now for the current iPad, therefore dropping the prices on the original iPad significantly.

iPad 2 Case

Article By:  Jamie F

Source:  Alibaba via Engadget

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