Apple Has Just Made Their Biggest Mistake Ever with new iPhone Xs Lineup

Earlier today Apple unveiled the updated lineup for the iPhone product during their Apple Event held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Apple announced two new iPhone Xs models as well as an iPhone Xr.

The iPhone Xs retails from $1379 and the Xs Max from $1519. Sorry say what? For the base 64GB model that sure is a hell of a lot of money. Here is where it gets even worse. How can it get worse?

Whats in the Box?

So lets say you decide to go with the middle end storage size of 256GB and pay out $1729, or even yet splurge and get the 512GB model at $1999. Tack in your taxes and AppleCare if you dare, and thats a shit load of money.

Now this is where it gets real. Apple is still shipping out its shitty lightning to usb cable, instead of the lightning to usb-c cable that is required to utilize fast charging. Not to mention the under powered 5W usb power brick. Below we have attached the required accessories that Apple lists on their site, but still do not include with the new iPhones.

Oh wait! One more thing… isn’t that the famous line? How about the lightning to 3.5mm aux headphones adaptor..I don’t see that included in the box either. Last year we were getting screwed a little bit, but this year Apple has really reached to new levels to screwing us.

What are the actual costs to pickup the new iPhone and take advantage of all features of the device?

iPhone Xs 64GB (cheapest model) – $1379

Applecare  – $249

Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adaptor – $10 (really Apple, $10? and you stop including it)

USB Type C Power Adaptor 30w – $59

USB Type C – Lightning cable – $25

According to our calculations that works out to nearly $2000 going with the cheapest iPhone Xs. Come on Apple. How stupid do you think people are? The only way to stop this madness is to simply stop paying these outrageous prices. And stop falling for the free upgrades from your local carrier. There is no such thing anymore as a hardware upgrade, as you end up paying the entire price.

Oh, and don’t forget those also not included AirPods, unless that is of course you don’t need them anymore with the all new wide stereo speakers found in the iPhone Xs. And can we please talk about the elephant in the room as well? The notch is the most disgusting design in the history of displays. Is there anyone out there that wouldn’t be happy with 6.3″ inches instead of 6.5″?



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