Windows 7

Earthdesk puts the entire world on your desktop!


Earthdesk by Xeric Design brings Earthdesk 5 for Windows and Mac both.  EarthDesk displays real-time global cloud cover, allowing users to track hurricanes and typhoons, or simply to admire Earth on your desktop. The application spans across multiple monitors allowing for a spectacular view or planet. Stay tuned for a full review, …

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Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac Updated

Microsoft has released a new version of its sync software for Apple computers.  The connector allows for purchased media to by synced from the Mac using iTunes to the Windows Phone.  The update also includes manual file imports from the device,  deleting files on the device,  a file preview.  launches.  This is exciting news …

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HP Slate Video Posted on Youtube

x313xkillax has posted a quick look at a prototype of an HP Slate tablet featuring Windows 7. The video appears to be legit. You be the judge. Hopefully the touch will be more accurate when it is released to the public, and that perhaps the plastic was hindering the performance …

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