iHome iB24 Earphones – [REVIEW]

I was more then happy with the iB969 charging station,  I have been loving my iA5 app enhanced Alarm clock, what more could iHome come up with? The iA100! Yes. That too, however I am still waiting for my review unit as they are very tight.  I was able to round up a pair of iB24 Metal Earphones.  I have had quite a few pairs of earphones over the years, and currently I have been back to using the standard apple earphones. Why you may ask? Well the best sounding earphones I have used in the past, would have to be the V-Moda Vibe Duo,  however I am very dissatisfied with the earphones as well as the product support.  So how did the iB24 measure up?

iHome iB24B
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Things I Liked:

  • Sound Quality was great and truly compared to the Vibe Duo I had been using in the past, and at a fraction of the price.
  • Cable is very durable and comes with a very long cord.
  • Price as mentioned above, is great for the quality provided.

Things I disliked:

  • Unfortunately there is one thing I disliked, and it happens to be a big dislike. The right ear peice, comes with only a very short peice of cable, meaning the volume/mute/song select switch is very close to the ear and not further down the cable. This makes for very uncomfortable operation or in some cases,  I found myself pulling the ear peice out while trying to answer a call or change songs.
iHome iB24
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Hopefully this will be changed in a future product,  as we find the iHome iB24B a great buy! Look for these in stores in the area soon. For now, they can be purchased online at iHome’s newly revised website.

Article by:  Jamie F

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