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Not-your-ordinary guide to buying your new Tablet.


Posted by Donny Torrefranca Caught between the decision of buying an iPad 2, a Galaxy tab 10.1, or even a Motorola Xoom? With the vast ‘side-by-side’ comparisons or battles between these great tablets, it seems like the dust is only getting thicker after the scuffle. Both devices pack awesome specs and can outdo each other in one way or another.  ... Read More »

Facebook for iPad finally coming

Facebook for iPad

Posted by Jamie Forestell If you can recall the official iPad announcement, Steve Jobs confirmed that several big apps have already been developed to include native iPad support. And for any iPhone apps not yet designed for iPad, they would all still work, and work well. For anyone that has used Facebook for iPhone on their iPad or iPad 2, ... Read More »

iOS 5: Where even the smallest changes make a difference


Posted by Andre Levesque Woke up this morning and notice a new change in iOS 5 that I had yet to see mentioned anywhere else: Download article as PDF Read More »

Apple releases Graphics Firmware Update to address possible hanging on iMac

Software Update

Posted by Jamie Forestell Apple has just released a Graphics Firmware Update to address possible hanging on the iMac. The freeze can occur during startup or after being woken from sleep mode.     The update will require a full reboot and takes only a few minutes to complete. The firmware update can be found in your Software Updates or ... Read More »

iOS 5 iPhone First Impressions


Yesterday Apple announced their next major iOS release, iOS5. I managed to get the beta installed on my iPhone 4, so here are a few of my favorite things so far: 1. Notifications The overhaul of the notification system in iOS5 is possibly the most overdue feature of iOS. Before, notifications were intrusive, always interrupting my game of Tiny Wings. ... Read More »

What needs to change with iOS 5


Posted by Jamie Forestell Later today Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will kick off and will run until June 10. During this time, we expect quite a few announcements regarding the future of iOS and Mac OSX. The live event begins at 1:00PM ET and no live stream has been announced yet. There are several things that still bug ... Read More »

Over the Air Updates coming with Apple iOS 5


Posted by Jamie Forestell With WWDC just days away, it looks like Apple has leaked some big news. News we have all expected for quite some time, but it sure is nice to see something semi official. Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync. That of ... Read More »

Giveaway – Pinch 2 HD coming May 6 to the App Store for iPad

Pinch 2

Posted by Jamie Forestell Coatsink Software will be bringing Pinch to the iPad this Friday May 6.  Pinch 2 HD is a sequel to the popular Pinch and now features HD graphics for the Apple iPad. The game itself is a puzzler in which you must guide your groups of colored orbs to the exit of each level.  Sounds easy ... Read More »

2011 Apple iMac Quick Review


Posted by Jamie Forestell Earlier today Apple released the 2011 lineup of the iMac. There have been quite a few major changes from last years model. I picked up the 21.5″ i5 2.5Ghz model which retails for $1199. One of the things I most like about Apple products, is the simplicity and user friendly operating system. Once the iMac is ... Read More »

Apple store is down. Apple to refresh iMac lineup today?

Apple Store

Posted by Jamie Forestell At the present time, Apple has again followed suit and shut down the online store. What should we expect to see?  In June 2010,  Apple updated the lineup of iMac which brougt the Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, which were much needed. Today Apple is expected to be updating several components of ... Read More »