Apple iPad 3 Announcement is Close

Well folks, it is about that time of year. Last March, Apple unveiled the iPad 2 and if rumours are correct, the iPad 3 will also be announced and available in March. Several reports indicate the iPad 3 announcement will take place on March 7, and could begin to ship as early as March 16.

9to5Mac reports the devices may already be en route to Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles as you can see the airplane below being loaded with the cargo.

iPad 3

What can we expect with the iPad 3? Well we can expect an HD Retina display of  2048×1536 pixels. Macrumors obtained a retina display that appears to be that of the iPad 3 and supplied it to iFixit. iFixit has produced a Youtube video below that well, you just have to see.


Next on the list, we have LTE. Apple will most definitely include LTE in this round of iPad tablets and for us, seals the deal. Between the Retina display and LTE, this enough is reason to upgrade fom the almighty iPad2. Wait! Theres more!

Other rumours and sources indicate that Apple will be adding the anticipated A6 Quad Core processor. This is a much needed upgrade as competing Android tablets are also shipping with Quad Core processors. As well, the iPad 3 may be slighter thicker to incorporate an upgraded 8MP camera, could feature NFC, and appears to have a slightly bigger battery. Bigger battery? Well, adding LTE does have an effect on the battery so it may be required, but to date, no other tablet can compete with the battery life of an iPad. Another change with the iPad 3 should be the ability to purchase a 128GB version of the device. With previous iPad devices, only 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models were available. As noted with the iPhone 4S sales, the 64GB models were the most popular and sold out first so if the trend continues anticipate the larger of the devices to sell out quickly.

So Canadians, I have a feeling that once again, Apple will release the iPad 3 and exclude Canada from the initial launch with a 30 day delay. Although pricing has been adjusted to equal the US pricing, Apple just cannot seem to get stock to Canada as timely as required so expect Canada to be included in the International launch. We will be heading to the USA to pick up the iPad 3 and anticipate the lineups to be the biggest yet! Let us know if you plan on lining up, or waiting until the official Canadian launch. Also what are your thoughts on Apple allowing pre-orders for the iPad 3.




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