Voomote Zapper now available for iOS devices

A company by the name of Zero1.tv has launched an exciting new product for iOS devices. The Voomote Zapper is essentially an IR Blaster to convert your iPod/iPhone/iPad into a universal remote control! You heard correct!


The Voomote Zapper plugs into your iOS device and is battery-free allowing you to change channels on a wide array of devices. One of the advantages of the Voomote is the ability to go room to room. Another cool feature is the ability to sync your configuration to the cloud so if you were to have a second or third device, the initial setup should be simple.  We have not yet had the pleasure of trying the Zapper as we are awaiting our review unit, but once it arrives we will be sure to let you know how it measures up to some of the competition such as the Griffin Beacon. Logitech has an array of universal remotes that claim to operate all your devices but the cost starts at $199.99.

The Zapper can be purchased from the apple.ca online store now for $69.95, and the application can be downloaded for free from iTunes.



Berlin, Germany (January 24, 2012) – Zero1.tv, provider of user interfaces for home entertainment solutions, is proud to announce today, the 28th anniversary of the original Macintosh launch, that its new VooMote Zapper is available for purchase at Apple.com and will be in Apple stores® February 7, 2012.  Zero1.tv is thrilled to bring its battery-free, complete home solution, that many have been waiting for, to the market on this historical date.

This versatile mobile solution effortlessly converts your iOS device into an impressively smart universal remote that controls virtually all of your A/V gear. This extremely light-weight dongle is the size of a paperclip, and is compatible with all mobile iOS 5 devices, offering maximum flexibility and ease of use with your iPhone™/iPad™/iPod™.

Unlike base station solutions, VooMote Zapper provides convenient “room to room” functionality that allows users to access entertainment whenever and wherever they want, with whichever iOS 5 devices they please.

What also sets the VooMote Zapper apart from the rest is its hassle-free set up and usage. It is extremely simple and intuitive. Once you connect your VooMote Zapper dongle, the free app automatically downloads, and prompts the set up. You immediately have full control over hundreds of thousands of electronic devices. This easy set up means no manuals or PCs are necessary. Users can also enjoy the freedom from having to connect to Bluetooth, the internet, or buy batteries for their remote ever again.

The soon-to-come iCloud feature also allows the user to transfer all customized remote control configurations to any of their family’s and friends’ iDevices which use the same Apple ID, meaning a one-time setup for limitless remotes in limitless locations for anyone.

“The VooMote Zapper was made to bridge the convenience of the old trusty universal remote controls with new App-enabled technology of the future,” said Alex Gruber, CEO, Zero.tv. “We wanted to make a solution that people would really pick up and use every day not because it was “gadgety” but because it was, in fact, a better solution for their lifestyles.  Features, such as gestures and take a tour were implemented because we know users don’t want to take their eyes off their TV for a second or read long manuals.”

The Apple certified VooMote Zapper is now available at Apple.com in either black or white for $69.99, and will be available in Apple retail stores in early February 2012. The additional eight sleek color options, which match smart cover colors, can be purchased at www.zero1.tv. The VooMote Zapper app is free and now available to download worldwide at the iTunes® store in English, Spanish, and German (Italian, French, Arabic and Chinese coming soon).

About Zero1.tv

Zero1.tv is a Berlin based company focused on user interfaces for home entertainment solutions. The company’s technological patents provide the practical expertise to improve remote control and user interface experiences unlike any other. Zero1.tv is the leading platform provider for smartphone-based control solutions, with a mission to expand the access of multi-media content, and enhance user experiences. The company recently developed and manufactured VooMote One, a universal remote control solution for iPhone and iPod touch.


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