Bullguard offers online backup solution with Bullguard Backup

Bullguard Backup

Bullguard claims 9 in 10 computer users do not backup their data. I would have to agree with these statistics.  Since digital cameras have become normal and almost every Canadian household owns at least one camera, the amounts of digital data on a personal computer has grown. Most desktop computers …

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Skype adds Video Calling for iPhone

Skype has released a new version of Skype for iPhone which allows for video calling from and to iPhones. I was able to try a video call today and have to say I am super impressed. Skype video calling will allow iPhone users to connect to other iPhone users, and …

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Facebook to unveil Facebook.com Email System in less then 1 hour.

Facebook is set to discuss a new email system to rival that of Yahoo and Google (Gmail), and we are now less then one hour from the live conference.  It has been rumored Facebook has purchased fb.com for the use of the employee mail system, to avoid confusion with the upcoming @facebook.com addresses for the general public. Stay Tuned …

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Portable Sound Laboratories introduces the iMainGo X

  If you were a fan of the iMainGo and/or the iMainGo 2, you will love the iMainGo X.  Portable Sound Laboratories, INC, has unveiled a premium portable sound system to play your music anywhere. The iMainGo X custom fits and protects all Apple iPods, iPhones, iPod Touch’s and most …

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Netflix Canada in a Nutshell

Well we have been anxious for years to get a taste of Netflix, and we finally got a chance to try it last week. Netflix now offers a Canadian subscription for a great price of $7.99 per month in Canadian Dollars. They are also offering a one month free trial …

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Facebook Places is now Live in Canada!

Facebook has silently released Places for Canada today. Facebook Places is similar to Foursquare in which it provides a fairly accurate recording of your physical location. Fore more about Facebook Places and its privacy policy visit Facebook. Thanks Ondre for the tip! Download article as PDF

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