Facebook to unveil Facebook.com Email System in less then 1 hour.

Facebook is set to discuss a new email system to rival that of Yahoo and Google (Gmail), and we are now less then one hour from the live conference.  It has been rumored Facebook has purchased fb.com for the use of the employee mail system, to avoid confusion with the upcoming @facebook.com addresses for the general public. Stay Tuned for more details as soon as we have more to report.  You can watch the live conference via FacebookLive at 1PM EST.

UPDATE 1:  FB.COM now redirects to facebook.com

UPDATE 2:  Facebook is lauching a new social messaging application that will include a @facebook.com email address for every facebook user. As a user, you can choose to enable your free email account. This will user your facebook username as the email alias.  The system will be launched within the next few months as an Invite only system. you will have the ability to set your email to only accept emails from your safe list, or have it catch all email as a regular email address. This may eliminate spam for quite a few people, while others may not like the tight restrictions.  And as always, stay tuned for more information regarding the new and improved, Facebook.

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