Netflix Canada in a Nutshell

Well we have been anxious for years to get a taste of Netflix, and we finally got a chance to try it last week. Netflix now offers a Canadian subscription for a great price of $7.99 per month in Canadian Dollars. They are also offering a one month free trial period.  Our thoughts?

[easyreview title=”Netflix Canada” cat1title=”Price” cat1detail=”At $7.99, this is a great price for unlimited streaming of movies and television shows.” cat1rating=”4.5″ cat2title=”Content” cat2detail=”There is a very poor selection of movies and an even worse selection of television shows. We are not surprised in this category as Canada has always been lacking in the licensing department. We have also confirmed with Netflix, the deal between Netflix USA and NBC Universal, which includes all seasons of Saturday Night Live, is not being offered in Canada.” cat2rating=”1″ cat3title=”Quality” cat3detail=”Streaming to Windows or Mac was great. Streaming to iPhone and iPad were also great, when connected via Wifi. 3G to work, but the bitrate was very large and required buffering every 15 seconds and had continuous freezing. We suggest you stick with AirVideo on your own computer for streaming video over 3G.” cat3rating=”4″ summary=”Netflix is a great service and at $7.99, its very affordable. Unless new content is added quickly, it will not keep Canadians happy for long. By the time your first free month expires, you may not find anything to watch.


UPDATED: After doing 10 searches, and having 0 of movies available, we really have to say, Netflix content in Canada is very poor. It will eventually bore even a 5 year old. Netflix are you listening? Time to bully the CRTC around and get more titles if you want to stay in Canada. And no HD content? Apple TV is not gonna be in many homes either, but at least theres fresher content.

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