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Bullguard Backup Bullguard claims 9 in 10 computer users do not backup their data. I would have to agree with these statistics.  Since digital cameras have become normal and almost every Canadian household owns at least one camera, the amounts of digital data on a personal computer has grown. Most desktop computers are built with at least 500 GB (gigabyte) of disk space, if not 1 TB (terabyte).   The trend is to go out and shoot as many pictures as possible, and then transfer the photos onto the computer where they are safe. The question is, what happens if that computer ever fails, or there is a flood, or even a house fire. All those precious memories captured are either gone, or the cost of recovery makes it unaffordable for the average consumer. 

 I have also witnessed senior citizens taking photos with their digital cameras and experiencing issues with the SD memory chip becoming corrupt and having all the photos of their grandchildren and travels gone forever.

Bullguard claims 1 in 2 consumers have lost data in the past year and that only 10% do regular backups. Perhaps consumers do not know how to backup their data, or perhaps it just takes too much time in these busy times.

Now, for as low as $2.08 USD per month, or $24.95 USD per year, Bullguard is offering an online backup solution for the entire household. The license covers up to 5 users in a houshold to backup all their data online via the internet, to their secure servers. Once the data is backed up, it can be retrieved easily at any time, on any computer with internet access using a secure password.  Bullguard offers 10GB of storage on their secure servers, and offer plans for more storage if you require more.  One thing to keep in mind, is the bandwidth cap our internet carriers enforce in Canada.  Please check with your internet provider to ensure what your bandwidth limit is during the month. Most offer between 60 to 90 GB of data, which is more then enough for the average consumer, but if you have alot of files to backup, please keep this in mind.

New, user-friendly solution that everyone can use
“We’ve put a lot of effort into making backup more user-friendly without compromising on security or the number of features. With BullGuard Backup we have a backup solution that all end users can use effortlessly, and that is so low cost that just about anyone can afford it. Basically, there’s no longer any excuse for not doing backups,” says Morten Steen Jorgensen.
Online Backup protects you if:
  • Your computer is stolen
  • You accidentally delete files
  • Your hard drive is faulty
  • Your computer crashes

Windows 7 CompatibleSystem requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
HDD: 20 Mb free
Internet Connection : Broadband Internet connection

Unfortunately Bullguard is available only to Windows users at this time. We have reached out to Bullguard to inquire if a Mac solution will be available at a later date and will let you know what we find out.


Try Bullguard Backup free for  15 days, by clicking here.


For more information about backup, go to http://www.bullguard.com 

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