Motorola Atrix on sale at Futureshop for $69.99 on 3 yr Contract

Posted By Jamie Forestell


Last week one of the most anticipated Android based phones was released in Canada at a great low price of $169.95 on a 3 year contract.

Even better news, for the next week, you can pick up the Atrix for $69.99 at Futureshop on the same 3 year contract. Yes, you heard me correct!

This phone packs a full GB of RAM, dual core processor, and all for $69.99.  If you really want the full experience, the Laptop Dock remains at a lowered price of $329.99 at Futureshop.  Combined that is less then $400 which is a great deal. The laptop dock has a retail value $599.99 so at this price, hurry over to pick your Atrix up today.

We are still waiting for our review unit and have not yet had the pleasure but from what we have heard, this is the fastest Android phone on the planet and has been a great experience.

Bell has exclusive rights to the Motorola Atrix so do keep that in mind.

If you have already purchased a Motorola Atrix, please share your thoughts below.

Source: CanadianDroid

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  1. This is easily the best deal on a smartphone I have ever seen. $69 bucks for what is currently the most powerful phone in the world?? SOLD.

  2. Loving my Atrix so far. Got it release day at Bestbuy hoping they will price match it 🙂

    Usually pretty good.

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