Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to get Gingerbread 2.3

Posted by Jamie Forestell


Well the news I am about to share with you should make a lot of people very happy. The Xperia X10, which was declared dead at OS 2.1, has just come back to life. According to the Sony Ericsson product blog;

We plan to bring an upgrade to Android Gingerbread for the XperiaTM X10 to generic trade kits end Q2 / early Q3 this year. We have heard your requests all along but until today have not been able to confirm this. The great work on our 2011 products XperiaTM PLAY, XperiaTM arc and XperiaTM neo actually has enabled us to start the work in a special project bringing Gingerbread to the XperiaTM X10.

This is great news for those that with Xperia X10 smartphones that meet the below criteria.  Sony Ericsson has confirmed the rollout will begin end Q2/early Q3 of 2011 and have issued the following statement.

The roll-out is planned to start end Q2/early Q3 this year. Today, XperiaTM X10 is available in the market both in generic trade version and in versions customized for operators. Due to the resources available in this special project, we will focus on delivering trade versions of the software.  Regarding possible customized operators kit we will have to get back with more information on this at a later stage. But we want to be very clear already at this stage on the fact that some of you may not get this upgrade.

For full story please see the Sony Ericsson blog.

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  1. The xperia line all look like solid devices. Sony supporting them well after other manufacturers have forgetten they have devices to updated is a welcome sign.

    Wish more manufacturers would update the old devices like this. Very welcome sign, puts one at ease when purchasing a $400+ phone.

  2. Pretty amazing… I thought this phone was dead. If the underpowered X10 can handle Gingerbread, then any 2009 or newer Android device can also potentially get gingerbread.

  3. So sick of my BlackBerry, would love something like this running gingerbread to replace it.

  4. I’m following on twitter as edmontonjb and tweeted

  5. About time! Although I wish more manufacturers would provide a stock Android option. This would allow for timely updates when released by Google.


    I have a cell plan on Rogers that my Mom uses(I’m on Fido) – so if I win, I will be handing this phone to her…should be fun watching her figure it all out…she is 76, and she’ll be the hippest (or most confused) granny in town. 😉

  7. This phone looks really cool and definitely with great features.

  8. This is great news, I bought the X10 when it was on Android 1.6 and I waited patiently for the upgrade to 2.1. When SE said they weren’t going to upgrade it past 2.1 I was pretty disappointed – seemed like a pretty short lifecycle for such a great phone. It’s nice to know my phone will still be relatively current for the next little while…

  9. Also, 2.3 means the X10 will finally be able to handle Flash! No more “your phone is not equipped to show this content” messages! Aces.

  10. hmmm, just re-read the post and it’s got me wondering: does this apply to Rogers phones? Or would I have to de-brand/root my phone in order to get this update? It might be worth it anyway…

  11. I haven’t had this much lust for a gadget since the PSP Go. The combination of functionality and form factor make this phone a must have for any smartphone user!

  12. Sony Ericsson is always making great cell phones.

  13. Desperately needing a new cell phone

  14. Another great phone.Seems pretty easy to use… and I love the screen size. I am always amazed how over the last few years phones have changed and improved drastically.

  15. Another really slick device. Thanks for the review.

  16. Thanks for the review. Looks like another great smartphone.

  17. I have had a few Sony Ericssion phones. Love them.

  18. I hear good things about this phone from clients. Good reviews only!

  19. Looks like a great candidate for the replacement of my 3 year old Sanyo CDMA NON-smart phone… I can’t wait to have finally have a smartphone! It’s definitely time to “get with the times”

    Keep up the good work, your website has been a great resource for conducting my research into what smartphone to buy!

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