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Lack of Subscriber Growth in Canada Surprises Netflix

Netflix reports that during first quarter 2011, only 290,000 Canadians subscribed down from 510,000 in the previous quarter ending December 2010.  Netflix also reported the total number of Canadians currently subscribed was 800,000.  Reading a report on the National Post, they seem to think that the bandwidth caps are hurting Netflix growth in Canada. While I have to agree that …

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Thinking of data sharing that 3G Tablet? Think again..

It looks like 2011 is the year of the tablet. And while you may have noticed some heavy advertising offering $10 data sharing plans, you may want to do some research before picking up that 3G enabled tablet. When Apple brought the iPhone 3 to Canada, Rogers took a lot of heat when they introduced  ludicrous data plans. It was …

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Teksavvy increases monthly bandwidth cap to 300GB

As a result of the CRTC decision to re-evaluate the UBB ruling, Teksavvy has re-instated their unlimited internet plans for those that have been grandfathered , and for other plans they have increased the monthly limit from 200GB to 300GB,  effective March 1.  Bell  has also admitted that the usage calculator has been acting wonky and over-calculating (ouch).  Teksavvy’s current internet plans can be …

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Teksavvy to testify on CRTC UBB Ruling

Posted by Jamie Forestell Teksavvy CEO Rocky Gaudrault and VP of Network Services for Primus,  Matt Stein will get their chance  to testify before a commons committee today.  Last week Konrad von Finckenstein of the CRTC was  ordered by the government to reconsider the ruling, or they would intervene.  Today, von Finckenstein officially announced the CRTC was launching a review “of its own …

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CRTC to delay Usage Based Billing Cap

CRTC chair Konrad von Finckenstein today advised that Bell Canada requested the original effective date of March 1, be  delayed by 60 days. Given the mass amounts of Canadians challenging the ruling, the CRTC agrees they will use this time to reconsider their decision. Von Finckenstein noted only a small percentage of consumers are heavy users, based on statistics provided …

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CRTC Decision to be overruled: Tony Clement via Twitter

Tonight, Industry Minister Tony Clement has confirmed the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) decision for UBB (usage based billing) will be overruled, and the CRTC must go back to the drawing board. This is great news for Canada, and Canadians should feel proud for speaking out and making a difference.  This is also good news for Netflix, who recently brought streaming …

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Tony Clement to review regulatory internet usage decision

Well Canada, it looks like we may have done it.  Our government will be reviewing CRTC’s decision that prevents internet providers from offering unlimited bandwidth.  “I will be reviewing this decision very, very quickly and will be making recommendations very, very shortly,” Tony Clement told reporters today in Ottawa.  Clement also added “The last thing you do, I would argue, is …

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TekSavvy customers throttled by CRTC ruling

Customers who once enjoyed their internet experience are furious about a recent email sent from TekSavvy.  Teksavvy was known for their higher than usual bandwidth cap, or even unlimited downloading for many customers. After a CRTC ruling last week, allowing the bigger internet providers to start metering bandwidth (UBB or Usage Based Billing), they no longer have the same feeling. “From March 1 …

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Netflix releases Canadian Top ISP Performance Charts


Netflix has posted a chart showing the performance of the top Canadian Internet Service Providers. The chart is exactly how I would have imagined and doesnt really offer any surprises.  Shaw provides both 50MB and 100MB packages, Rogers provide up to 50MB,  while Bell and Telus top out  at 25MB.  This chart shows exactly those results. While having higher speed internet …

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