CRTC to delay Usage Based Billing Cap

CRTC chair Konrad von Finckenstein today advised that Bell Canada requested the original effective date of March 1, be  delayed by 60 days. Given the mass amounts of Canadians challenging the ruling, the CRTC agrees they will use this time to reconsider their decision.

Von Finckenstein noted only a small percentage of consumers are heavy users, based on statistics provided by Bell Canada. However the issue at hand isn’t the amount of Canadians that currently exceed their bandwidth limits, the issue is that Canadians do not want to be constantly monitoring their usage. And in due time, this stepping stone ruling, will change internet in Canada as this decision would give the bigger providers the option of also lowering their bandwidth caps to match or compete with the smaller providers.

I continued to hear the word “compromise” and “delay” during the house meeting today, so we still may have a long road ahead.

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  1. I practically jumped out of my seat for joy when I heard the news

  2. Clement said the good news is that Internet billing will not change March 1.

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