Netflix releases Canadian Top ISP Performance Charts

Netflix has posted a chart showing the performance of the top Canadian Internet Service Providers. The chart is exactly how I would have imagined and doesnt really offer any surprises.  Shaw provides both 50MB and 100MB packages, Rogers provide up to 50MB,  while Bell and Telus top out  at 25MB.  This chart shows exactly those results. While having higher speed internet packages may seem like the way to go,  Canadians must remember the bandwidth caps our ISP have put in place.  See below for a quick summary of your provider and your caps using higher speed internet.  This information will become more important to all Canadians as we prepare for UBB, which was approved by the CRTC.  With services like netflix finally offering Canadians some sort of digital content streaming, the CRTC is allowing your internet providers to charge you even more then you already pay for going over.

Netflix Performance


Speed: 1 Gigabit Fibre Internet (FTTP) :  Limit:  N/A – Cost: When the trial is announced, customers can pilot this service 6 months for free.

Speed: 100MB Download, 5 MB Upload:  Limit:  Bandwidth Cap 350GB/month – Cost: $150.00/month

Speed: 50MB Download, 3 MB Upload:  Limit:  Bandwidth Cap 175GB/month – Cost: $107.00/month (not bundled)

Additional Usage:

  • Purchase a monthly data pack (10 GB for $5/month, 60 GB for $20/month, 250 GB for $50/month)
  • Maintain current plan and pay for each gigabyte used over your plan’s allotted amount ($1 or $2 depending on the plan)


Speed: 50MB Download, 2 MB Upload:  Limit:  Bandwidth Cap 175GB/month – Cost: $99.99/month

Additional Usage Charge – $0.50/GB to a maximum of $50 per month.


Speed: 25MB Download, 7 MB Upload:  Limit:  Bandwidth Cap 75GB/month – Cost: $67.95/month ($29.95 Activation Fee)

Additional Usage Charge – $2.00/GB to a maximum of $60 for up to 300GB per month. $1.00/GB Thereafter


Speed: 25MB Download (Only available with Optik TV), 2 MB Upload:  Limit:  Bandwidth Cap 250GB/month – Cost: $37.00/month

Additional Usage Charge – $2.00/GB

Heres a quick video of George Strombolopolous talking about the High Greed Internet.


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