Verizon Press Conference LiveBlog

TekTok is not at the event but will be keeping you up to date as it happens. We feel for all Verizon users not able to use the iPhone as Canada went through the same thing, until Rogers came to our rescue. [snaplet id=”1758″ width=”450″ height=”550] Download article as PDF

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Apple launches the Mac App Store

While everyone and their mother are busy producing tablets to compete with the Apple iPad, Apple has been busy elsewhere.  Today, Apple has announced the opening of the Mac App Store as expected.  The Mac App Store is just like the appstore we know today for the iPod/iPhone/iPad devices, and …

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Skyfire 2.0 has been approved by Apple

Very soon, iPhone users will be able to enjoy flash websites on their iOS device as its converted to html5 through the Skyfire browser. Apple has approved the browser and will be available for download on the AppStore later this week. The browser renders the flash content on a remote …

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