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If you don’t think Canadians couldn’t possibly have to pay more for internet access in Canada think again. If you happened to catch one of my previous posts about the “lawful access” crime bill you know what the Harper Government is planning. This is the same bill that has been introduced multiple times in the past.

Petitions prevented the government from implementing the bill every time. It’s time for Canadians to step up once again and show the Prime Minster this was unacceptable back then and is unacceptable now.

 How many times must we tell them? The significant cost for all this warrantless monitoring of internet traffic will be passed on to the customers themselves. Let me say that again. Canadians will pay more for broadband so the Harper Government can constantly watch what we do. I don’t think that sits well with anyone given that Canadians pay one of the highest costs for broadband in the developed world.

 Here is a snippet from Michael Geist’s blog regarding one of the major concerns of the bill:

Of particular concern is Clause 16 of the former Bill C-52 allowing security services unrestricted access to any device identification data from an ISP or other telecommunications service provider without a warrant. This will allow law enforcement to identify individuals involved in a striking array of online activity including anonymous political opinions made in blog posts or newspaper comments, location data posted online from a smart phone, social networking activity, private online instant message or email exchanges, and a host of currently unforeseeable future online interactions that are sure to come with new innovations and services. This unrestricted access to e-mail addresses will make it possible to track individuals across a vast range of online services, activities, and even locations.

 Recently, launched an official petition against the “lawful access” bill that the Harper Government is trying to ram through. The petition received thousands of signatures on its first day.  I encourage everyone who values their privacy, freedom of speech and the hard earned money in their wallets to sign this petition and pass it on.

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  1. I am strongly against this spying bill.

  2. I am strongly supportive of this bill

  3. I object to the Bill proposed by Stephen Harper to eavesdrop on the citizens. It is an affront to Canada’s democratic ideals. I’m a former Conservative campaign worker who met P.M. John Diefenbaker in the late 60’s in Toronto.I shall never vote Conservative again if this bill is passed. It is neo-fascist in character. What this nation needs is more attention to the economy and less of a focus on the crime problem. Much of the criminal activity is a direct result of economic problems such as unemployment.Attack the root causes,not the result of them. Of course, the Reform Party roots of Harper are another problem.Return the P.C. party to true Progressive Conservative policies and do the right thing and elect a new party leader.

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