iControlPad Bluetooth Gaming Pad is coming soon

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Well this is what we have been waiting for. A company to develop a gamepad for the iPhone and other smartphones as well. Touchscreen gaming is great, but with limited area for visibility, the gamepad will be a much needed accessory. iControlpad, based out of the UK,  created a bluetooth gaming pad for most iPhones and some android devices. They have limited numbers available for the first run, so if you want one, get it while it’s hot.

Supporting any phone/console/computer with Bluetooth.

  • Digital Dpad, 2 Analogue nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons.
  • Clever side clamp system allowing it to attach to almost any phone
  • Multiple BT protocols supported
  • Should ‘just work’ on any Android app which supports a PC gamepad.
  • iPhone users should have jailbreak but does work on unbroken iPhone in keyboard mode.
  • Internal 1500maH battery can also charge your phone via USB when playing.
  • Upgradeable firmware, new features can be added, restrictions can be bypassed.
  • Delivery starts in February.
  • iControlPad

    Current side clamps support:iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch (some require padding), Motorola Backflip (needs padding), Lg Optimus S, Lg Ally, Blackberry Touch, Samsung Intercept (may require adjustment), HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1, Era G1.Furthermore, any phones which are a similar size may fit, you might have to make your own adjustments to the iCP clamps to match.

    Source: [iControlPad] via [MacLife]

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