Motorola Xoom US pricing confirmed to be $799

Motorola Xoom

Well it’s official… Best Buy has released a circular confirming pricing info previously leaked by Verizon, that the Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 dual-core super tablet will cost a whopping $799 US with a contract!! I think this pricing is absolutely insane, as there are already dual-core Android tablets on the market with comparable hardware specs that sell for a third of the price of a Xoom and do not require a contract with a mobile carrier (but of course they lack sweet honeycomb 3.0 goodness).

Motorola Xoom

Do you think Motorola is making a mistake by not undercutting the iPad’s pricing in order to gain marketshare? Or would you be willing to drop 800 bucks on an Android tablet (you know Canadians are probably going to be staring down the barrel of a $1000 price tag when it crosses the border!)?

Posted by Doug Muir

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  1. I would rather get the next gen iPad, if Motorola Xoom will cost this much. I was hoping that this can be availed between $500-600 Cdn.

  2. way to much money

  3. Ill wait for the Ipad 2 i really wanted this Zoom but at that price not a chance

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