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Mygica ATV1200 Review


For those that have not yet heard of the Mygica ATV1200, you are in for a treat. Today we finally got the chance to document our experience with the media streaming box over the last month. What is the Mygica ATV1200 you ask? Mygica has produced several media streaming boxes but up to this point, the ATV1200 is the most …

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Boxee LiveTV Dongle now shipping

Boxee Live TV

Boxee has launched the Boxee Live TV dongle and started shipping the device on Tuesday. The Live TV dongle will allow for ATSC over the air channels through the Boxee Box by simply connecting the tuner into one of the available USB ports on the Boxee Box. Now for those of you that do not know what over the air …

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Boxee Box updates Browser and adds Movie Trailers with firmware update 1.1

Boxee Box

Posted by Jamie Forestell Boxee Box by D-link has updated the firmware to version 1.1 with a bunch of upgrades and improvements.   The first update was to the Browser. The browser fully supports HTML5 content, Favorites (Bookmarks & History),  and also adds an OSD (On Screen Display) to let you see what is going on in the background. Next, Boxee …

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Xtreamer.net Releases the iXtreamer

Up until last week, I have been using my xtreamer and it has been a wonderful experience. The only reason I stopped using it, was to evaluate the Boxee Box.  Xtreamer looks to have done it again, and have released the iXtreamer. The iXtreamer promises to enable you to stream HD (MKV H.264)movies or user-generated videos, listen to high-quality digital …

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Boxee Box Quick Review

I walked into my local Best Buy, asked if they had any stock of the new Boxee Box, and it took them a few minutes to realize what i was looking for.  Then it took another 5 minutes for them to locate the Boxee Box in the store. Quite a different experience then when I got my 2nd gen Apple …

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