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John Dick begs NHL to end the Lockout via Youtube

john dick

A video has surfaced on youtube posted by John Dick, who has returned to Alberta to visit his father.  His father Bruce, who is 58 yrs old, is suffering from terminal throat cancer and John remembers the memories spending time with his father as he was a young child. Together …

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The NHL Image is Shifting


Has there ever been a circumstance where one entity completely flipped the court of public opinion as quickly as the NHL, and specifically Gary Bettman, just did? There wasn’t many people on the owner’s side this time. The NHL had all the support back in 2004 as we could all …

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NHL proposes 50-50 Revenue Split to Players


TORONTO – Gary Bettman and the NHL has proposed a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on Tuesday which they are hoping can allow for an 82 game season to take place this year. “We very much want to preserve a full 82-game season and in that light we made a proposal, an …

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