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Facetime vs Fring

TekTokhas been testing Facetime Wifi & 3G and has nothing but great things to say about both experiences. Tests were performed between an iPhone 4 and a Dell Streak running Android 1.6.   The only problem,  is that not everyone on this planet is equipped with an iPhone 4. Rumor …

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iPhone 4 Resolves all Issues with Alpine 100X Deck

Many users have been experiencing issues with the iPhone 3GS iOS4 when using the Alpine 100X car cd player. Connectivity was lost once customers had updated to iOS4. There was a workaround for anyone with a jailbroken iphone where they could end the ipod process using backgrounder, and then reconnect …

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Apple Pulls all Competitor Test Videos from Antenna website

With no explanation, Apple has removed all videos and pictures detailing the antennagate issue experienced in other smartphone models. Instead visitors are redirected to a link detailing Apples Antenna Labs. Every smartphone has a cellular antenna. And nearly every smartphone can lose signal strength if you hold it in a …

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