HiFi-Skyn: iPhone Case Made for Music

Looking for better quality music on the go and not so sure about Neil Young’s Pono player, or you can’t afford a measly $1200 for the Sony Walkman ZX2? Have no fear as the HiFi-Skyn case by CEntrance is coming soon and promises not to disappoint. The Indiegogo campaign has only 6 days left but has raised more then $100,000 for their asking $12,000 goal.

Is this case for everybody? Absolutely not. While most people don’t notice a difference with their music, they just accept the quality they have been accustomed to over the last 10 years. The mp3 file is a super compressed version of the actually recording and if you are an audiophile, or just someone who notices the difference in quality, this case is definitely for you. There are other solutions to market currently but none that offer ease and portability.

Check out their pitch below and once you decide this case is for you, order one up quickly as they are going fast at $199USD. When the case is ready for retail it will list at $399USD.

Source: Indiegogo

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