Motorola has planned a surprise on Feb 25

With less then a week to go for Mobile World Congress (MWC2015), Motorola is planning a surprise delivery for members of the press. 9to5Google has obtained a snippet from the invitation and it goes something like this:

Motorola is making an exciting announcement next week and wants you to be in the front row. The best part? You get to choose where and when you’d like to experience it. Everything you need fits inside one box, which we will deliver to your doorstep on Wednesday.

What could this be? It could be a number of things. Most people counted Motorola out to deliver a new product for MWC2015 as things have been very quiet but if anything was to be released it would be a possible revision to the Motorola Moto 360 smart watch. With the launch of the Apple watch looming, it would be about that time to see a new version of the Motorola Moto 360 watch.

Could it be something else? Absolutely! There is a chance that Motorola may also be looking to launch a new smartphone to replace the Moto X, and there is even a chance it may be neither of the two. The next two days will go by very slowly waiting in anticipation for what is coming.

We could go on about what we would like to see in a smart watch, or a new phone, but will save it for our review later in the week.

Source: 9TO5Google


UPDATE: Well it seems the cat is out of the bag even though our mystery box has not arrived yet and it appears the contents appear to be the Moto E LTE smart phone. Motorola has started a #choosetostart campaign on instagram as well as several media outlets already received their mystery boxes confirming the device. Some shots from the instragram feed are below. More to follow once the box arrives.

moto e lte
moto e



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