Apple to unveil iPhone 5S on September 10

According to AllthingsD, Apple will soon be sending invitations to the media to announce the next in the iPhone lineup. If rumors are correct, we should be looking to see the iPhone 5S and perhaps a lower end version, the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S should be near identical to the iPhone 5 in terms of design and build but should feature a complete internal overhaul including such upgrades as:

  • fingerprint sensor (The biggest mistake Motorola made with the Atrix HD was removing the fingerprint sensor from the Atrix lineup. Super awesome feature)
  • Upgraded 12MP Camera
  • Dual LED Camera Flash
  • Faster Processor and improved RAM

Of course these are all rumors, but the one thing we know for sure is the phone will ship with iOS 7. We have a separate article coming this week to discuss our thoughts on iOS 7 and if Apple is doing enough “innovating” to keep the early adopters happy. Until we meet again! We would love to see your comments.. Will you be picking up an iPhone 5S? Can it compete with the Galaxy S4/HTC One X, Moto X?


Source: AllthingsD

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