Scotiabank Mobile Banking App to Be Available for Apple Watch

Scotiabank has announced it will be ready for the launch of the Apple Watch tomorrow for any Candians hoping to receive their pre-ordered watch in the mail. The Apple Watch app will be available in the Watch App Store tomorrow and the mobile banking app for iPhone is available already.

Scotiabank’s Mobile Banking app for Apple Watch will enable users to check their real time balance and the last five transactions from their Scotiabank account all from their wrist, without the need to log on or to use a password. While the variety of mobile banking services continues to grow in terms of innovation and popularity, Scotiabank customers currently check account balances more often than any other function.

“Scotiabank continues to be a leader in the mobile banking space,” said Jeff Marshall, Scotiabank’s Vice President, Self-Service Customer Experience. “Our customers are consistently choosing innovative, secure and simple technology solutions that provide them with access to their financial information wherever they are.

The Quick Balance feature is already being used today with the Samsung Gear watch and for those wondering about security concerns, Scotiabank has confirmed there is nothing to worry about and fully guarantees security with your hard earned cash.



Source: Marketwired


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