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One of the features I most enjoyed with the LG G2 was the knock on feature. For those not familiar with KnockOn, let me explain..it is as exactly as the name says. To wake the device you simply knock on the screen and to put the device back to sleep you also knock on the screen. In my opinion the most practical would be to check the time, or if the device was laying flat on my desk or a table, it was effortless to wake the device and check email without even picking up the device or pushing any buttons.

LG has taken the KnockON to a new level and it was something I had imagined would be great as the only problem with KnockON was there was still a pattern or password to enter. With a few simple knocks, you can not only wake the device but essentially authenticate with what LG claims is 80,000 unique knock patterns (86,367 to be precise) . If you own an LG G3, G Flex, G Pro 2, G2, G2 Mini, L Series III, or F7, and your software is up to date you can find the option to enable Knock Pattern in your Lock screen settings.



Once you are in the Lock Screen settings you will be required to set a pattern from 2 knocks up to 8 knocks.  Its a simple as that. And don’t worry if you forget your pattern. You can also enable a backup PIN that can be used to log in to the device.  The average user unlocks there smartphone over 100 times a day. Knock Code allows you to unlock your device without looking at the screen or leaving finger prints. Sorry shoulder surfers and social engineers, the days of simple passwords are over!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 7.59.22 PM

Check out LG for more information.

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