Amazon Announces 3 New Kindle Devices today

Amazon has announced three new devices in their lineup and some are available for Pre Order as of today.


  • All-New Kindle eReader – The all new Kindle promises 20% faster processor for faster and smoother page turns and twice the storage with a total of 4GB available.  The Kindle is available for pre-order today at a price of $79 and will start shipping October 2. 



  • All-New Fire HD 6” and 7” – The all new Fire HD 6 and HD 7  devices feature a quad-core processor, front and rear-facing cameras, an HD display, incredible reliability, and a world-class ecosystem of features, services, and content. The Fire HD devices are available for pre-order today for $134 and $164 respectively and will start shipping October 2.  



  • All-New Fire HDX 8.9” – The all new Fire HDX 8.9” is powered by the latest generation quad-core 2.5 GHz processor and a 70 per cent faster graphics engine. The 339 ppi HDX display features Dynamic Light Control which automatically adjusts the colour of the display to make the pages of a book more closely resemble a piece of paper in any light. It’s the first tablet with Dolby Atmos, plus loud and immersive audio that is twice as loud as the iPad Air. Also comes with Fire OS 4 “Sangria,” other Amazon-exclusive features and free unlimited cloud storage for photos. The Fire HDX is available for pre-order today for $399 with a shipment date of November 6. 



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