BlackBerry to live stream the Passport device Launch Tomorrow

BlackBerry has announced they will be live streaming the device launch for the BlackBerry Passport tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST. There will be three launch events happening simultaneously around the world including Dubai and London, similar to how the Z10 device was launched.

BlackBerry believes the Passport device, named after the Canadian Passport itself for its dimensions, will do well in the market, especially with corporate customers. This is one of the most niche devices BlackBerry has ever launched, with exception to the Porsche branded devices, and may have a very tough time competing with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, and recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has announced the Passport device will be available starting tomorrow for a price of $599USD and is the first device being launched since Chen joined the company nearly a year ago. The device is priced just below that of the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5.

While the Z10 and Q10 devices are approaching end of life, the Passport will be the only device to run alongside the Z30 device until the upcoming BlackBerry Classic is released. The Classic has no known release date, but perhaps we will be seeing both devices launched together tomorrow, something that former CEO Thorsten botched during his tenure by holding back the Q10 qwerty device.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the live stream and let us know how many times you caught BlackBerry mocking Apple or Samsung.

LiveStream : BlackBerry

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