Have you met Osmo yet?

Every year there is always that one very trending Christmas gift and quite often its some form of electronic or gadget. Well this year, we happen to think the Osmo will be that gift and we are super excited to get our hands on our pre-order. What is it you ask? Or perhaps you already watched the embedded video and are excited as we are.

Osmo allows children 6 and above to play on the iPad with real people and using real objects. It promises to promote social intelligence and creative thinking. And it looks like it could be great fun for adults too. There is a red cap that gets placed over the camera of the iPad and inside the red cap is a mirror which allows the iPad to read the environment below and in front of it. The camera is powered by our pioneering Reflective AI technology – which can read physical movements and real world environments and translate them into the iPad.

While we believe children should be embracing technology such as the tablet, there is also the question about how much time spent is actually spent playing educational games/apps. In comes Osmo.. Osmo was invented by young parents out of Stanford and Google. Engineers at heart, the founders are personally committed to innovating new technologies that nurture positive play experiences for kids.

All that is required to play with the Osmo is an iPad 2 or higher and the kit comes with all that is required.  There is no wifi required as the game is designed for use with people in the same room. There are 3 games that will ship with the Osmo and you can them in action below:




Osmo Words also allows you to create custom games and also family members, grandparents, teachers and friends. With new features, resources and tools, this new launch will open up Osmo significantly – it will allow teachers to use Words for spelling lessons or learn a new language. It will allow families to snap pictures from the last family vacation and add silly corresponding words – making a fun and unique way to revisit past memories.

Unfortunately all the orders shipping out for September have sold out but they are taking additional pre-orders for shipping in October so don’t miss your chance to pick up this soon to be hot gift. If you pre-order now you will save $20 on your order and if you are in Canada and order more then 2 units, you will receive free shipping. (thats 3 or more to receive free shipping). Once you make your pre-order you also have the chance to earn $5 per referral towards the cost of the Osmo by sharing the link with your friends on Facebook and twitter. Go get yours today! And yes, if you click our url, we will earn $5 for your order so we thank you in advance and hope this is one of the best gifts your kids will receive this year for Christmas.

Source: Osmo

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