[LIVE] Apple to unveil the Newest and Smallest iPad yet

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Well today is the day folks, where Apple is rumored to be unveiling the all new and small iPad Mini boasting a smaller screen size at 7.85″.  Apple used to be one of the best and only companies who could keep secrets about upcoming products but similar to the iPhone 5 launch, quite a few details have emmersed and most from legitimate sources.

What we expect:

Apple to unveil two new iPads today. The smaller iPad Mini, as well as a revised iPad 3 with lightning bolt adapter, expanded LTE support, and an improved Facetime camera. Our guess for price of the iPad Mini will be starting at $299USD ($319) and should be available November 2.

SKUS: AppleInsider has reported a leak showing 12 SKUS.


How to watch this event?

Apple TV owners who just happen to be home at 1:00 PM EDT can tune in and watch the live stream on the ATV device.

iPad Mini

The event will also be streamed live via apple.com if  you meet the minimum requirements:

The video stream requires Safari 4 or later on a minimum of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, or iOS 4.2 or later for those accessing the stream from a mobile device. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with a minimum of software version 5.0.2.

Stay tuned for details as they come in!

1:00 PM EDT – The event is about to begin.

Live Feed

Tim Cook is on stage.


1:40PM – No mention of a new iPad yet, but Apple has announced a new Macbook Pro and a new iMac. New 21.5″ iMAc will ship with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, for $1299USD.

1:42PM – Now to the iPad!


1:50 PM – Apple has announced a new 4th generation iPad.

And here we see the new iPad mini…

2:00 PM – The iPAd mini is 7.9″thick and is 53% lighter then the iPad 3 and is thinner then a pencil and lighter then a pad of paper. ( we havent  proven those claims yet)

3:20 PM – Here is a summary of what went down today, which is alot!

  • iPad mini announced – 7.9″ 1024×768 Resolution, lighting connector, LTE, 53% lighter then the iPad 3 – Priced at $329CDN and up
  • new 4th Generation iPAd to replace the existing iPad 3 – Faster Wifi (2nd gen 802.11N), Expanded LTE, and faster A6X processor – Same price as iPad3
  • new iMac – Sexiest iMac ever seen with a 5mm edge, which is 80% thinner, faster cpu, 8GB RAM, starting at $1299 CDN.
  • new 13″ Macbook Pro – Lighter, faster, yada yada  – $1699 CDN and up.
  • new Mac Mini – Optional SSD or traditional HDD, same size, updated internals – $599 CDN and up.

As you can see Apple was busy preparing todays presentation and quite a few new changes, some major, and some minor. Our thoughts you ask? Well its simple.

iPad mini – priced at $329 this is a bit too high to go after the market they are competing against, but it also is only fractions more then the iPod touch. This means many parents may be looking to purchase the iPad mini to replace their children’s iPod touches, and that frees up the big iPad for the parents! Well played Apple, but now in direction competition of yourself.

4th Gen iPad – Three words summed in point form..WTF! Many recently purchased the iPad 3 and what just happened today basically tells us Apple wasnt happy with the iPad 3 so they went back to the drawing board, made changes and trying to slip it into todays market without anyone noticing. The most important update here was the enhancement to the LTE spectrum which was changed based on a lawsuit filed in Australia when Apple misled them. Well I stand here today and say all iPad 3 owners should be filing a new lawsuit, since we got scammed on our not quite finished iPad 3 devices. Am I right?!

iMac – Anyone looking to purchase 2011 model of 21.5″ iMac? Our thoughts exactly. Seriously, looking to sell today!

Macbook Pro – Expected this and not usually included in the keynote, but much needed as many have switched to the much lighter Macbook Air.

Mac Mini – Again, this was expected and not usually included but priced at $599 this is a great way to enter into the world of Apple.

Thanks for tuning in!

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