Braven unleashes Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Braven has announced a new line of portable and ultra portable high fidelity Bluetooth speakers with price tags all under $200. But wait..theres more!

Not only are these speakers, they also act as a backup battery for charging other USB devices.. But wait!

They also feature the ability to daisy chain other Braven portable speakers to enhance the listening experience..But wait! They also act as a speakerphone with paired with a smartphone.

“We’re excited to bring our customers the world’s most talented portable speakers,” says CEO Warren Osborn.  “Our speakers not only provide stunning high-fidelity audio on the go, but they also recharge your mobile devices when they’re low on power. You can even take your calls hands free with the built-in speakerphone, making BRAVEN the perfect companion for your mobile phone or tablet.  BRAVEN’s ultra portable speakers truly are game changers.”


Braven 6

Braven announced three speakers shipping in June of 2012.  The Braven 600 with a 14-hr battery life @ 149.99USD, the Braven 625s with a 16-hr battery life @ $179.99USD, and the Braven 650 with a 20-hr battery life @ $189.99USD.

To  check out the Braven, they have posted a youtube video below:


Braven has confirmed pricing and a launch date but stay tuned for a list of Canadian retailers that will be carrying these sleek speakers.

UPDATE: And of course there has to be bad news with all of this good news.. There are plans for Braven in Canada but not for the June launch. Will keep you posted when we have a date available.

UPDATE #2: We continue to wait for more details. We also have not yet received our product sample so stay tuned Canada!

Source :  Braven

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