iMainGo X Review

I have been waiting anxiously since October for our review unit and it finally arrived. Wow, is all I have to say.  I have the original iMainGo that was designed for the older 30/60GB video ipods, and it has been the most durable portable speaker I have ever owned, and also the best sounding. The iMainGo X custom fits and protects all iPods (except Shuffle), iPhone, iPod Touch and most MP3 players.  You can also plug in any 3.5mm device into the audio input such as an iPad, laptop,  portable gaming system, etc…

iMainGo X

[easyreview title=”iMainGo X by Portable Sound Laboratories” cat1title=”Form Factor” cat1detail=”The iMainGo X is slightly bigger then the iMainGo and iMainGo 2. This is a very durable portable speaker solution.  The reason it is bigger is that the iMainGo X houses a 12 hour rechargable battery. There is also a power off/on switch on the front of the unit, which was a real pain on the older models and is a great addition to iMainGo X.” cat1rating=”4.0″ cat2title=”Performance” cat2detail=”The iMainGo X sounds even better then its predecessors. In fact every person that has heard this, has  asked where they can purchase their own.  Battery life is great and lasts as long if not longer then stated.  If you want to plug your guitar direct or through an iRig, the sound is incredible. iMainGo X features 2 headphone outputs which is great for many purposes. If you have 2 children wishing to share one ipod/iphone, or for commuters wishing to listen to music together. And for karaoke, there is also an audio input, or if you wish to daisy chain multiple iMainGo speaker systems, you can use the 2nd headphone jack.” cat2rating=”5.0″ cat3title=”Price” cat3detail=”At $69.99 USD, this portable sound solution is a deal and a half. Very pleased with the value. ” cat3rating=”5″ summary=”This is a MUST HAVE and one of the best accessories for iOS devices. Worth the price and definitely an attention grabber. And with a rechargable battery, this is a greener portable speaker solution. Great for that pool party, or for company on the back patio. Go get one today! And stay tuned. iMainGo for iPad is coming soon..


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