Google pushes Google Play to Toolbar

Google Play

Well the list keeps getting bigger and bigger on and unfortunately no mention of how to opt out! Today Google has added Google Play to the top menu bar. While this sounds like a music service, this is the rebranded Google Android Market or marketplace.

Am I alone here or should this not be listed under the More category? Although I prefer to use Google for my searching, I have no use for the Android “appstore” unless testing Android devices at which time I will do so on the device itself.

This menu category serves no purpose on my iMac or macbook pro. Or does it?

In Canada, Google has confirmed they will offer Android apps, movie rentals, and ebook purchases to Canadians. In some other countries, Google will also be offering music. Cnet reports Google may also begin to sell movies. Online movie rentals appear to be $4.99 and will allow you to view the file during a 48 hour period  via the web or also on supported Android tablets and smartphones.


While writing this article we have received several errors which indicate Google may still be tweaking the service or experiencing an overload of curious web researchers.


For more information, check out your navbar on or you can visit Google Play.


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