XBMC Eden now available for download


The folks over at XBMC have finally launched XBMC 11.0 as an official download. The list of features goes on and on, but if you are still reading and have yet to hit the download link, here are a few reasons to download this right away!

  • adjustable display refresh rate in OSX
  • AirPlay Support
  • upgraded Weather Service with geoip lookup
  • massive speed increases
  • additional protocol handling
  • better networking support
For full changes, visit the changelog.



Eden marks the first in-sync stable release for the Apple TV2iPad, and other iOS devices, and continues to run on Windows, Linux, OSX. Also added to this list is XBMCbuntu Final.

XBMCbuntu is very similar to past versions of XBMC Live. By default, the user boots directly into XBMC, and if he/she chooses, he or she will never see the underlying OS. However, unlike Live, XBMCbuntu is now built upon a full LXDE desktop environment, which has a web browser (Chromium) with a fully updated (and updatable) version of Flash built-in and a GUI package manager ready to install and update all of the normal Ubuntu programs a typical Linux user might use.

Source: XBMC

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  1. Wondering if I should bother upgrading. XBMC is running great for me right now.

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