Blackberry Playbook launch day sales may exceed 50,000

Posted by Jamie Forestell

RIM Playbook

The Blackberry Playbook has been hyped since late 2010 and as of April 19, the tablet from RIM is finally here.  Reports indicate approximately 50,000 units were sold in retail locations as well as pre-order sales.

While some negative reviews are coming in , it is important to remember there are no other tablets available yet that compare aside from the iPad.  We are still in the process of completing our full review, but if you want our opinion, you can check our April 18 TV spot on .

The Blackberry Playbook is far from perfect, and being only few days old, is perfectly acceptable. If you remember the launch of the iPad, it was referred to as a “big iPhone” and many software problems also loomed for Apple. 

We have identified several bugs with the Blackberry Playbook, and have sent our findings to RIM to analyze.  Everything up to this point appears to be all software related, and with the ability to receive OTA (over the air updates),  we would hope these issues will all be cleared up with future updates.

For anyone looking to purchase a Blackberry Playbook, but have been told to consider an iPad, or the Motorola Xoom, it is important to factor in your needs. And yes, you may argue that with tablets there are no needs, but as time goes on, tablets are becoming more practical in day to day situations. 

Stay tuned for our full review on the Blackberry Playbook and if you have any questions or want certain topics  covered, please comment below and we will get your question answered!

Source: TGDaily

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  1. Are you sure that you didn’t accidentally added a few zero’s? Where did you get this information?

    You Say ” it is important to remember there are no other tablets available yet that compare” Are you DELUSIONAL?

  2. @Jack – I always quote my sources which you can read in the sources link at the end of the article.

    As for other tablets, other then the Apple iPad, can you name a functioning user friendly tablet? And remember Android 2.2 is a mobile OS.

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab was so bad, Samsung has decided to name the Tab 2, the Galaxy Tab. Motorola had the most promising tablet of the year with the Xoom, but it seems to be flopping. Part of the reason the Motorola Xoom is not doing so well, is the Honeycomb OS which is a far cry from being user friendly. This may explain why Motorola is looking to create their own OS? We are still waiting for our Motorola Xoom tablet for review as there is a “waiting list” for review units, but based on hands on time, the Playbook should be here to stay.

    Only time can tell, but the QNX operating system seems to have great potential. And considering the equipment that relies on QNX to perform daily operations, I have confidence that QNX can handle running a tablet with ease. Just a matter of time to get all the bugs worked out. And for Honeycomb, possibly the same, but it’s geared towards the more tech savvy users.

  3. I’m plaing wiht my playbook. could you please let me know your bug findings. would like to know.

  4. Hey Jude (no pun)

    1) While in facebook, unable to see characters typed until virtual keyboard is minimized.
    2) While in facebook/browser, unable to click on a post, as it just reverts to top of page instead of perform a click.
    3) Bridge appears to be causing issues while re-connecting
    4) Wifi issues – First 3 days no issues accessing Personal Hotpot from iPhone4, but now unable to connect. Error “authentication timed out”. Also experienced wifi issues in our hotel in NYC.
    5) Cannot fully rotate portrait photos to landscape and vice versa. Only flip.
    6) When launching Need for Speed, there is no way to exit the intro video. If you rotate device to portrait mode, the game still displays in top 1/2 of playbook, and bottom half shows home screen. This appears to have been addressed.

  5. Hey how do I enter in the blackberry play book give away?

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