Blackberry Playbook Event taking place April 14 in New York City [Giveaway]

Posted by Jamie Forestell


We have received our invitation to the Blackberry Playbook event taking place in New York City on April 14. RIM will have the Playbook available for demo. The Playbook has been hyped up since September of 2010 and we look forward to finally getting a peek at the QNX based tablet. One of the most surprising announcements was that the Playbook will allow Android apps to run on the tablet.

As the RIM tablet does not feature an email client, and with the ability to run Android apps, will users be able to run email clients from the Android marketplace? There are many questions which will soon be answered, so stay tuned. The Playbook tablet is expected to launch on April 19.


We would like to be able to offer you a Blackberry Playbook as part of our March Madness Product Giveaway, but for now you will have to settle for a Blackberry HS-700 Bluetooth headset. The HS-700 headset is very sleek and bears a great resemblance to the outer casing of the Blackberry Bold 9000.

Blackberry HS-700

Rules? Simple. Comment on the post! Thats it. We have several to giveaway and we will pick a random post on April 20. If you want to follow us on twitter for an extra entry, you can do so here.

Blackberry HS-700


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  1. Thanks for the post, bring back good news for the awaiting masses!

  2. I am curious to see how good the playbook is and how it compares with the iPad.

  3. I’m just hoping that RIM pushes up the release date to the event on April 14th instead of waiting until April 19th.

  4. Really looking forward to the 19th. I think the playbook will be a game changer. Tablets become portable instead of being Laptops without keyboards.

  5. anxiously waiting for April 19th.Blackberry Playbook will be a great contender in the tablet market

  6. Maybe this tablet will actually work well with Blackberry smartphone owners, as others don’t seem to be. Either way exciting news cannot wait!

  7. I can’t wait to buy one.

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog, and have now bookmarked it. LookIng forward to hearing more about the 14th event. I have preordered the Playbook and am hoping it was a good decision.

  9. Hopefully the info you gather will make my choice between a xoom and a playbook easier!

  10. April 20th will be an exciting day.

  11. I’m keen to work with a more portable tablet than the iPad2 but there are and have been too many unknowns re the Playbook to get comfortable with a purchase until I know more, e.g. will the software upgrades include e-mail and contacts so I can unbundle the Playbook from my Blackberry, when exactly do they plan on making that happen, will they make typing less like retracing moves on a Rubiks cube, will the upgrades add cost, will the models/versions coming out in the summer make this purchase look like junk? and so on.

    I’m really a disappointed Blackberry fan. The launch has been unprofessional at best with the lack of information about this half baked product they expect fans like me will buy. RIM has been clear on pricing levels and that they think we are going to like this equipment but unfortunately on little else that’s coming down here. No, this too much like saying ‘here’s the exact price for what I’ve got in my trunk…you want it, right?

    Having said all of that, I have not bought an iPad2 because I still want to believe what’s in the trunk will ultimately be a winner. After all, this is a really smart group of people who have achieved great things. But until there is much more information shared so I know what I’m getting for the money, my trusty Blackberry won’t be paired with a Playbook.

  12. I wish RIM every success with the PlayBook.

  13. I’ll be getting a PlayBook. The headset would go well. Exciting.

  14. Don’t count rim out yet. They’ve proven to make great hardware. This headset is a nice device.

  15. I heard a lot about RIM and now I hope i could have a chance to win it

  16. Tomikka Harrison

    I have been trying to figure out which bluetooth is best for a female that is always on the run with kids.

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