Rogers Wireless is offering unlimited plans for a limited time

Rogers has quietly been promoting an unlimited plan for valued customers. If you are under good terms and qualify, you may have finally found the perfect cell plan. Heres the specs:

$35 per Month – Unlimited Local Calling. (no more need for evenings/weekends or My5, My10, or even My20)

$50 per Month – Unlimited North American Calling & Texting

Yes, you heard correct. Unlimited cellular calling anytime of the day! There is a bit of a catch as you must commit for 1 year, but honestly, try to lock this rate in for as long as you can!  And the other small catch, is the $35 Local Unlimited plan. This will not cover texting so you will either need to add an additional text plan, or add a Essentials Value Pack. If you are a smartphone customer, you may wish to choose the $12 essential plan which covers your texting, Caller Display, and Visual Voicemail.

The $50 unlimited North American plan provides unlimited calling to/from Canada and USA, anytime of day. It also includes unlimited texting to Canada and USA both.

Data plans are extra, but for most Rogers customers with iPhones, this will increase or decrease your current bill by only a few dollars, while increasing your chances of going over in either weekday minutes or even text messages to nil.

Watcha waitin for! Call up Rogers and hopefully you qualify for these great plans.

Stay Tuned for our review of a great new product from Cobra which you may want now that you have unlimited calling from your cellular phone. The PhoneLynx BT215 is a bluetooth enabled gadget that will pair your cell phone to your existing home phones. So if you have one of the many cordless phone sets with multiple handsets or any home phone, as long as the base is plugged into the BT215 and paired to your cell phone, you can enjoy talking for hours on the home phones you are used too. This also allows for your cell phone to stay on the charger as there is no need to carry it around. For some, you may even want to cancel your home phone or throw away that magicjack. So far the product has been working great and we will share our results soon.

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  1. Well that all sounded wonderful, considering my monthly bill is never less than $75.00, so as a long standing (15 years) customer with an impeccable payment history, I went ahead and called Rogers.
    This is where it gets interesting. I gave the support guy (Ryan #804802) the full URL for this article so he could see that I wasn’t making this up.
    He spent some time (with me on hold) going over it and apparently discussing it with his advisors. When he returned, he stated that this is not a Rogers promotion and that Rogers has no such offering….even to their “valued clients”.
    Is this a stall tactic on their part to keep my subscription rate higher, or is this article unsubstantiated?

  2. Thanks Ron. We were tipped off by several readers about the promotion being offered. The article does mention that you must qualify and unfortunately we do not know the criteria required or the expiry date of the special offering. I suggest that since you are a long time customer of Rogers, that you do some research with several of the other providers offering similar plans as stated in this article and perhaps they would be willing to match to keep you as a customer. Good luck!

  3. I called Rogers today about the plan and none of their reps seem to know anything about the plan.

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