Adobe Photoshop Express QuickView

Adobe has released a much needed mobile application for the iPhone and iPad.  The application can be installed free from the  AppStore.  We had a chance to test out the application and post a few screenies. Here we go!

As you can see the new Adobe icon for Photoshop Mobile.  And yes,  I do have some email to check.


Next we are presented with several Help screens to get us started.


Once you select a photo to work with, either from your Library or you can take a new photo with the Camera App, you are presented with several basic functions that are required when working with digital images. We took a photo and show you the Saturation Effect below.  The effect was added live in realtime, no image processing was required.



We were very pleased with the Adobe Photoshop Express product and at the price tag of FREE, it is a perfect companion for any photographer.  Get yours today at the AppStore.

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