Wes Martinez

Wes graduated from International Academy of Design and Technology in Video Game Design and has also been working in IT for 10+ years. He has been a gamer from the days of Atari and the first console he owned was the NES. Wes is a PC gamer to the core and has owned both PS and XBOX and has recently made the jump to Xbox One. As a PC enthusiast, he knows the consoles are always two steps behind when it comes to graphic power and presentation and now with 4K gaming already here these consoles may be a stepping stone in that direction. In his reviews he will look not only at the fun factor but also the various design aspects. His aim is to keep them informative and to the point with a side of humour when appropriate, which is always!

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review


All too often we come across sequels that just don’t live up to its predecessors.  Black Flag is not one of those games.  In fact I will state that they have improved on the series immensely, truly giving it an open world feel.  The Vancouver team did not forget the …

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Ryse Son of Rome Review

Many people may know Crytek studios from their FPS series Far Cry and Crysis. Ryse is a new direction for Crytek developers which have lived up to their artistic design with the use of CryEngine.  However the fighting system in Ryse fails to live up to the more complex fighting …

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