What Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know About The iPhone 8

For any Apple user that has been using iPhones and iPads for a while, they will start to catch on to the power rating of the charging brick and start to pay close attention to charging time and effectiveness of the brick or cable used. For others, they just continue to use what Apple provides them, assuming they are purchasing the latest and greatest and pay no attention to how long it takes to charge. If you only charge your iPhone at night and don’t need to quick charge your iPhone, this article isn’t really intended for you.

The first thing you should have noticed is that charging with the 2.1A iPad brick it will charge the iPhone quite a bit faster than the supplied 1A charging brick. Then they launched a newer iPad that shipped with the 2.4A charging brick and continued to ship the iPhone 6/6S/Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/Plus, and iPhone 8/8 Plus with the same old slow ass 5W 1A charging brick.

Now with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, what Apple didn’t really mention is that the phones do not just come equipped to support wireless charging, but they finally support fast charging, something most Android devices have had for a long time.


So the question is, does the iPhone 8/Plus/X come ready for fast charging out of the box, and the answer is a big NO. Apple not only continues to give out the same 1A slow charging brick, but they also continue to ship the standard usb to lightning cable.

What is required to fast charge the newer iPhones? You will first need a USB type c to lightning cable which supports the faster charging, and you will also need a 29W usb type c charging adapter. ¬†Apple of course sells both of these but with a total cost of about $95. The cable is $35 and the adapter is $59. And you won’t find a MFI usb type c to lightning cable so you are stuck purchasing the cable from Apple. If you didn’t follow the numbers, Apple supplies a 5W charger still instead of the required 29W charger!


We were able to source a newer 5A Type C outlet that supports fast charge and it was cheaper and for us more practical than the the $59 adapter that Apple sells. Provided you don’t need to carry the brick around with you, this does the job and will charge your iPhone 8/Plus from 0 to 50 in 30 minutes. The 2nd half of the charge is a bit longer but to us definitely worth the purchase.

If you need charging on the go, we suggest you pickup a car charger that supports fast charging similar to this one. I find myself sitting in my car charging my iPhone instead of using sub par charging stations such as the ones Telus has set up locally around high traffic areas. Most of the time, the cables they use aren’t even MFI and don’t even supply a 1A charge.


If you agree that Apple should be including the new cable and adapter since you are paying over $1000 for a mobile phone, then let Apple know in our comments.

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