Call of Duty Ghosts Out of Map Glitches Reported

In just the first month of Call of Duty Ghosts being released, quite a few map glitches have been reported and one of them is REALLY annoying. In the map freight a strafe jump onto the roof and then a simple jump down out of the map and you are under the map and will start pissing gamers off everywhere with unlimited kills provided you packed enough ammo.

In my last three matches this happened each time and I saw some 60-0 scores. These users were clearly reported in hopes that Infinity Ward can get this patched quickly, but until then..stay away from FREIGHT! (The youtube embed is encouraging users to use the glitch to their advantage and we just want to report we do not condone this. It is highly annoying and considered cheating. Patch it quick please!


And here we have another fresh map glitch in the map Strikezone. This one isn’t very common and requires skill and basically a really stupid opposing team or a team camping their own spawn but here goes…



Shout out to Venom Ninja and ActionJackson for pointing out the glitches to us.

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