Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Revolution DLC Map Pack Preview Released

Treyarch has gone behind the scenes to show us some exciting new downloadable content coming first to Xbox 360 owners. The DLC will be released January 29 and features four brand new multi-player maps, a brand new zombie co-op map, an entirely new zombies game mode, and the first ever DLC Weapon, the SMG Peacekeeper. Say no more, heres the scoop from Treyarch…


The new multi-player maps are as follows:

  • Hydro – Large Hydroelectric dam facility based in Pakistan featuring bottlenecks, and choke points and a twist with a major spillway that floods with water.
  • Downhill – Brings back snow environments, introduces chair lifts and is based in the French Alps at  a ski resort with long range lines of sight with 3 main vantage points. Get your sniper rifles out and haters get ready to hate!
  • Grind – Skate Park based in Venice California. This map introduces a lot of new curves so those players who tend to stick to the walls, will find themselves more open in this map.
  • Mirage – Luxury Resort based in the Gobi Desert in China.  This multiplayer map makes use of sand dunes to provide different levels of elevation.
  • Zombies Die Rise The Zombie apocalypse has invaded a series of crumbling skyscrapers in China and introduces  open areas of gameplay and is maze like. Watch those elevator shafts!

Treyarch is also introducing a new game mode for Zombies called Turn Mode which allows players to play as the zombies and take down the human player. If you are successful you respawn as the human to take down the zombies! And for the first time ever, a downloadable weapon is coming in to COD. The peacekeeper SMG is a hybrid between an SMG and an assault rifle.

Coming January 29 to Xbox Live! Sorry PS3/Wii folks. Sounds like you will be waiting a month to get your hands on the map pack. See ya online!

Source: Black Ops 2 & Youtube

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